Posts tagged "gitlab"

Improve your workflow with Forge

In which I gush about my new favorite tool for working with GitLab: Magit Forge. Forge is an extension to the already extremely useful Magit, that integrates with the likes of GitHub and GitLab, letting you collaborate on issues and PRs without leaving Emacs.

Hakyll CI builds in one fifth of the time

In which I finally manage to bring the deployment time of this site under control. We look at how Stack and Nix interact, what consequences having a completely isolated build environment might have, and how you might work around issues that arise from this.

Hello, World!

In which I introduce my new blog to the world and give a brief overview of what goes into making it, including configuring Hakyll, Netlify, and GitLab to do my bidding and writing little Python scripts to automate the timestamp process.