Posts tagged "rust"

Rust 2021

In which I talk about what features I want to see on the Rust roadmap in 2021. Const generics and generic associated types get honorable mentions, but my vote goes to nested OR-patterns and trait aliases.

Understanding lifetimes

In which we run into Rust's lifetimes. What are they? And maybe more importantly: WHY are they? Also, how do we work with them? We'll try and get a grip of the basics in this article.

Meet the borrow checker

In which we encounter the Rust borrow checker for the first time and try and understand just what it is. We also look at some solutions to common problems.

Save on typing and improve legibility with Rust's macros

I finally took the time to learn the very basics of Rust's declarative macros this past week and learned a lot. This post acts as a basic introduction to Rust macros as I understand them now.

Building a request inspector

In which I tell the story about how I barely managed to scrape together single-endpoint server in Rust. Far from a tutorial, this is more akin to a snapshot of how I've spent my weekend and a document to how I put things together when I don't know what I'm doing.

On Generics and Associated Types

In which we look at traits using generic types (or type parameters) and traits with associated types in Rust. What is the difference and when does it make sense to use one over the other?


In which we look at the upcoming stable Rust feature 'slice_patterns' (due to stabilize in 1.42.0). We look at the syntax, subslice binding, and how you can match on either end of a slice.

Async Rust: async main

In which I expand a little bit upon async functionality in Rust, introducing attributes that allow you to run async functions in your main function.

Async Rust

In which we explore Rust's newly stabilized async/.await language feature by creating a simple, asynchronous application. We look at what you need to do asynchronous programming in Rust and how it differs from other languages. And we talk a little bit about Pokémon!

Rust 2020

In which I respond to the recent call for blogs put out by the Rust core team and write down my wishes for Rust in 2020. Yup, GATs and const generics are there, but also slice patterns and a request for better documentation around async development.