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New domain:

In which I formally deprecate in favor of and urge any readers wishing to stay abreast of my writings to subscribe to the new RSS feed.

70,000 words

In which I look back upon the last year and what I've achieved with the blog. Mostly a meta-post, there's a selection of statistics as well as some general thoughts on what it's been like to write every week for a year.

Hakyll CI builds in one fifth of the time

In which I finally manage to bring the deployment time of this site under control. We look at how Stack and Nix interact, what consequences having a completely isolated build environment might have, and how you might work around issues that arise from this.

Hello, World!

In which I introduce my new blog to the world and give a brief overview of what goes into making it, including configuring Hakyll, Netlify, and GitLab to do my bidding and writing little Python scripts to automate the timestamp process.