Hey! I'm Thomas Heartman, a software developer, writer, and speaker. I like tech, training, and trying new things.

This blog serves as a record of my adventures in the software world, of my experiences with code, and of general thoughts and ideas on anything related. There's code snippets, git tips, programming concepts, CLI app recommendations, and more. Enjoy!

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Recent posts

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org-babel-load-file doesn't tangle correctly

The `org-babel-load-file` function to automatically tangle and load org files with emacs lisp in them has a quirk that sometimes causes some code blocks to not tangle properly. The solution is to use `emacs-lisp` instead of `elisp` for your code blocks.

70,000 words

In which I look back upon the last year and what I've achieved with the blog. Mostly a meta-post, there's a selection of statistics as well as some general thoughts on what it's been like to write every week for a year.

The results of splitting empty strings

In which we talk at length about string splitting in various languages and how to handle the cases where the string is empty or where the separator doesn't appear in the string. As an interesting side note, we also briefly explore what happens if you use an empty separator.