Hey! I'm Thomas Heartman, a software developer, writer, and speaker. I like tech, training, and trying new things.

This blog serves as a record of my adventures in the software world, of my experiences with code, and of general thoughts and ideas on anything related. There's code snippets, git tips, programming concepts, CLI app recommendations, and more. Enjoy!

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Recent posts

Why not head on over to the blog or the archive section to start reading? If you're not sure where to start, how about one of these last three posts?

Meet the borrow checker

In which we encounter the Rust borrow checker for the first time and try and understand just what it is. We also look at some solutions to common problems.

New domain: blog.thomasheartman.com

In which I formally deprecate thomashartmann.dev in favor of blog.thomasheartman.com and urge any readers wishing to stay abreast of my writings to subscribe to the new RSS feed.

Notmuch: (un)tag outgoing mail

In which we explore the mysteries of notmuch tagging outbound mail as 'unread' and 'inbox' (as if we haven't just written and sent it *out*), and find a simple solution after more effort than we expected.